Fir shavings TOP

sfogliato di abete - fir shavings TOP

Bedding made of high absorption wood chips produces from white fir trees. The bedding is dried, sieved and thoroughly dusted. The toxicity levels of the bedding are low enough to ensure the well-being of the animals. The fibers are particularly suitable for the breeding of animals and are ideal for nesting.

This product is subject to controls by ACCREDIA-certified laboratories.

  • High absorption: 3,8 l/Kg
  • Absorbs natural odors
  • Very low dust content
  • 100% natural product
  • Dust at 800°C: 50%
  • Density: 100-150 g/l
  • Humidity: Max 5%
  • PH: 5,5 + 0,5

Prepared in autoclavable bags of 10 Kg. Each bag is individually labelled with batch number and production date.

Download the product specs here