Bedding bag

bedding bag

The European Directive 2010/63 / EU defines new rules on the protection of animals used for scientific purposes and replaces the previous CEE.609 / 86 Directive. It is now acknowledged that the maintenance of excellent animal welfare is a key factor in the outcome of any scientific experiments, leading to more reliable results.
These are minimum requirements, which allow Animal Facility Managers and veterinary doctors to create tailor-made solutions based on the specific needs arising from individual research projects, particularly with regard to environmental enrichment and to the monitoring of microbiological and microclimatic conditions.

Environmental enrichment improves the physiological and psychological wellbeing of the animal, preventing stereotyped behaviors, promotes the expression of a specific behavior and nest building. Therefore, environmental enrichment is an essential component of a successful research program. A research environment can be an unnatural and stressful environment for laboratory animals. It has been shown that environmental enrichment can be entered in the protocols without disturbing the research results.

Caipet offers a certified Bedding Bag that is is packaged with a non-woven fabric of light-colored cellulose and is available in bags of 50 gr, 100 gr, 150 gr and 200 gr. The pre-weighted bags are opened by the animal (rodent) who then distributes the bedding within its cage.

In laboratories where the behavior of animals is studied it was found that using BEDDING BAG

  • the animals are less aggressive,
  • It is a great time saver for the breeders and ensures the right dosage systematically
  • it is a response to potential dust problems or allergies

Bedding Bag is packed in cartons of 50, 60 or 100 pieces. The typical pallet 80×120 cm has 42 boxes. The pallets are wrapped with a plastic film for a complete protection against external events.

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