Bedding bag

Bedding bag

Pre-dosed packaging of bedding and environmental enrichment together with which the animal works of opening and distributing the product inside the cage. It is an environmental enrichment factor used by the animal for the well-being and the construction of the nest.

Benefits for the animals

In laboratories where the behavior of animals is studied it was found that using Bedding bag:

  • the animals are less aggressive
  • it is a great time saver for the breeders and ensures the right dosage systematically
  • it is a response to potential dust problems or allergies
Product characteristics

Bedding bag is packaged with a non-woven fabric of light-colored cellulose and is available in bags of 55gr, 70gr, 100gr, 150gr and 170gr in boxes of 50, 60 pz. 

Product subject to controls by an authorized analysis laboratory.

Product packaging

Each box is individually labelled with batch number and production date.

Pallet  80x120cm of 42 boxes

The pallet is wrapped with a plastic film for a complete protection against external events.


  • Irradiation to 25kgy with double packaging
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