Bedding and environmental enrichment for laboratory animals

Italian leader in the production of bedding and environmental enrichment for laboratory animals. It is a young and booming corporate reality, born from an entrepreneurial idea, aims at satisfying the needs of the market research laboratories

Caipet believes that the quality of a product is not only intrinsic but above all the satisfaction of their customers, for this reason provides them with personalized advice at all stages, from the analysis of real needs to the delivery of the products.

Caipet distinguishably keeps searching for environmentally sustainable materials, guarantees its customers quality service before and after sales ensuring a direct and constant contact without intermediaries.

To increase its competitiveness in a niche sector, Caipet has increased its productive capacity through significant investments thus reducing production costs and response times to offer an excellent product at a competitive price.


Bedding and environmental enrichment

Fir chips

ALFA CAIPET, bedding Fir chips in bag 10kg

Fir shavings

ALFA CAIPET, bedding Fir shavings in bag 10kg


ALFA CAIPET, bedding TR-large bag 5kg

Poplar chips

ALFA CAIPET, bedding Poplar chips in bag 10kg


ALFA CAIPET, bedding Corncob bag 12,5kg or 20kg

Wood wool

Environmental enrichment

Bedding bed

Environmental enrichment


Environmental enrichment

Cardboard tubes

Environmental enrichment

Poplar sticks

Environmental enrichment

Our Quality

Regular screens carried out by independent laboratories

In order to ensure the quality of bedding, it is subjected to regular microbiological and pesticides screens carried out by  an authorized analysis laboratory. CAIPET guarantees the absence of contaminants and ensures the quality of its use. In June 2017 we obtained compliance with the standard requirements EN ISO 9001:2015.

Via Piave, 49 - 71016 San Severo (FG)

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