Plant nest in comfortable and highly absorbent short cotton fibres, product free from chemical treatment.

Rodents are highly motivated to process the Nestlet to achieve a cotton ball texture that other natural products do not provide. Processing provides animals with natural enrichment material to produce a comfortable nest-like environment, ideal for raising young. Short cotton fibers do not endanger rodents that are at risk with long-fiber products. Shorter fibers and the absence of long strands mean that the Nestlet does not wrap around limbs.

The bright white color of the product helps in observing animal discharges.

Product characteristics

Dimensions: pre-cut board 30 x 30 cm

36 nests of 5 x 5 cm per board


Product subject to controls by an authorized analysis laboratory.

Product packaging

Box of 100 boards with 36 nests each.

No. 3600 pieces/box


  • Irradiation to 25kgy
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