Poplar sticks

Wood products suitable for the use of research institutes used as environmental enrichment.

These fresh virgin poplar wood products are strong enough for animals to chew and gnaw to satisfy their natural instincts, to exercise their teeth and gums and to make them play.

The products are available in a variety of sizes and are suitable for mice, rats and rabbits.

Benefits for the animals

In laboratories where the behavior of animals is studied it was found that using poplar sticks the animals are less aggressive.

Product characteristics

Sticks size:

  • small: 50X10X10mm, for mice
  • medium: 100x20x20mm, for rats 
  • large: 200x40x40mm, for rabbits

Product subject to controls by an authorized  analysis laboratory.

Product packaging

Each box is individually labelled with batch number and production date.

Small size: 1 bag 2000 pz
Medium size: 1 bag 400 pz
Large size: 1 bag 50 pz


  • Irradiation to 25kgy with double packaging
Download the product specs

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